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150 CL
This pack size was designed for the refreshment and well being of the whole family. Just two 150cl is enough for a family of 6.We designed this for the convenience of the whole family, be it during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also for those who love the outdoor life, this pack size can be taken to picnic, Church & Mosques, Concerts and shared among friends and families.

75 CL
(Carton or Nylon): This is handy during breakfast, lunch and Dinner for individuals who enjoy the privacy and cosiness of their meal or while exercising. The 75cl pack size was designed for those who love to drink lot of water after meal but cannot carry the 150cl with them. This is an ideal pack size for individuals.

60 CL
This is also very ideal for those who enjoy their privacy be it during meals or just having fun. The 60cl is just enough to quench that thirst and give you that satisfaction without having any left over's. This is ideal for marriage, naming and other forms of ceremonies

50 CL
This is a pack size that is handy while you are exercising, eating or just taking a walk in the park. This can be placed in small pockets without any inconveniences. This is also ideal for parties especially for youths and children.

33 CL
How can we forget our little ones? This is the smallest pack size in our SKU and we are proud to say we are the only company that is producing this size. This design was crafted to satisfy the needs of our kids and this has enjoyed wide acceptance in the market. Different airline operators, kindergartens, nursery schools etc. now use this size.